Commercial Photo Gallery

Commercial Fire

This local school had sever fire damage to a classroom. SERVPRO of Portsmouth was glad to assist them with the mitigation and also the repairs in putting it back together. Call us today if this ever happens to you. We hope it doesn't but are here if you need us. 

Commercial Cleaning

SERVPRO of Portsmouth is happy to assist our local commercial businesses with their cleaning needs. No matter how tall the structure or how big SERVPRO of Portsmouth can handle the needs. 

Our SERVPRO trucks are ready to go

SERVPRO of Portsmouth is ready for any situation. This team of vehicles you see here were staged and ready to enter in a commercial apartment complex after a severe storm in Portsmouth VA.

Remember to call SERVPRO of Portsmouth at 757-397-3770.

When water comes without warning

SERVPRO of Portsmouth is ready to handle your commercial water restoration needs. When you least expect it flooding of your commercial business cause cost you thousands of dollars if the issue is not addressed and fixed quickly.

SERVPRO of Portsmouth stands by and is ready to assist no matter what time it is. Call us today at 757-397-3770 and allow us to get your business back in shape. 

Ready for your Commercial Large Loss

Did you know that SERVPRO of Portsmouth is ready to assist you in your commercial large loss disaster. We have the equipment ready and able to handle your large losses. 

This commercial trailer houses a 5000 CFM Desiccant, capable of drying a medium to large commercial building, and a 150kw Generator. Together, this trailer of equipment can conveniently save both time and money when it matters most.

Call SERVPRO of Portsmouth today at 757-397-3770 so we can help.


Puppy Rescue

Luckily, a quick response to a fire at a pet store meant that none of the animals were hurt. While SERVPRO was inside getting all the animals' homes cleaned up and restored, the puppies got to play outside!